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IO-Link Parameter Setting Software

Line Recorder Device (LR Device)

IO-Link is used to connect sensors and actuators to an automation system. An IO-Link system consists of IO-Link masters and several IO-Link sensors. The IO-Link master is the interface between the controller and communicates with the connected IO-Link sensors. ifm’s LR Device configuration software is used to set the parameters of the masters and the sensors.

The LR Device allows for remote parameterization and monitoring of all connected sensors. Rather than parameterizing each individual sensor located on a machine, LR Device conveniently allows sensor parameters to be changed from a central location.

The LR Device automatically identifies all IO-Link masters and IO-Link sensors within the Ethernet network.


  • Online and offline parameter setting for IO-Link masters and devices via the network
  • Supports all IO-Link devices
  • Saving and loading of parameter-sets in/from a file
  • Simultaneous writing of parameters to clone multiple devices
  • Writing of parameters to an IO-Link device and master


  • Optimized graphical visualization of the IO-Link system
  • Decrease commissioning time
  • Optimize the device replacement process
  • Paperless recording of all parameter sets