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IIoT solutions

For machine manufactures, the PLC is a critical component in controlling their processes. As manufacturing plants try to leverage more data, the PLC is quickly becoming a bottleneck as it was never designed to collect data. ifm’s IIoT port provides simple data access without the need of a PLC allowing simultaneous control and data collection. The IIoT port allows you to collect data directly from the sensor and move it to your business analytic systems.

ifm’s IIoT core provides simple data access through web or API tools, independent of fieldbus/PLC activity

  • On-premise or cloud platform for process trending & analytics, developing of machine KPI’s, predictive maintenance, etc
  • Supercharging historian & dashboard/visualization software without burdening the machine controller/PLC
  • MES/CMMS integration for more intelligent production & maintenance decision-making, sending SMS/email alerts
  • ERP integration for more informed supply chain data, automatic replenishment