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Real-time clock module for mobile machines

Real-time clock with CAN interface

  • Automotive relay housing keeps size down
  • CAN to communicate with the controller
  • Integrated alarm output
  • Predefined CODESYS function blocks for easy integration
  • Robust design for mobile applications

Real-time measurement for mobile machines
The exact system time is an important function for many mobile applications. While in large and complex machines this task is often fulfilled by the central display, up to now, there was no affordable solution for mobile applications when it came to small and compact machines.
In its compact automotive relay housing, the CANrtc real-time clock can offer this functionality. Its parameters can be set via the CAN bus while it provides the current time and date. Via an integrated alarm output, it is possible to execute functions such as starting the machine controller. For the CANrtc, a software library of the CODESYS software is available that is compatible with IEC61131-3. This makes it particularly easy to quickly implement the application software.

Functions and advantages
The compact real-time clock is an ideal add-on both for control systems in small and compact machines and complex process controllers of big machines.

Mechanical design
The compact housing of the electronics is equipped with an ISO 7588 blade arrangement providing all necessary connections. These are easy to handle and available all over the world. The CANrtc can also be used in areas that are exposed to splashing water due to an increased
protection rating if installed in connection with the BasicRelay CR0421 and the corresponding module cover.

Powerful electronics
The electronics are optimally adapted to the application. The integrated buffer battery reliably bridges any supply voltage interruptions. At a freely adjustable point of time, the alarm output activates a connected consumer or the system electronics.

Programmable to IEC 61131-3
The CODESYS software enables a clear and easy creation of the application software for the user. For the CANrtc real-time clock, a library with the necessary functions for parameter setting and communication is available. The parameters can be set and read via the user
program. The RTC data is also available to other bus participants via the open CANinterface.