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RFID antennas with IO-Link for a variety of applications

What if Track and Trace implementation could be as simple as connecting a sensor?

With IO-Link enabled RFID readers, it’s that easy.  IO-Link is the foundation to a smart factory.  It unlocks trapped intelligence from sensors and actuators sending it to PLCs, SCADA systems, etc.  IO-Link simplifies controls architecture.  The IO-Link enabled RFID antennas integrate with IO-Link masters the same way other IO-Link enabled devices do, complimenting machine I/O architecture.

Instead of using a dedicated RFID controller, the IO-Link antenna simply plugs into the IO-Link master.  The smart all-in-one antenna / reader transmits data to and from standard RFID tags that meet ISO 15693 standards.  It’s truly plug-and-play.


IO-Link RFID systems are ideal for applications with a small amount of data transmitted at relatively slow speed, such as:

  • Machine access control – the right people at the right machines at the right time
  • Smart tooling – the right tool for the right operation at the right time
  • Work-in-progress – effective, lean and intelligent production
  • Error proofing – every product made to spec with zero mistakes leaving production