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OGD precision distance measurement sensor for error-proofing

What if your optical sensor could detect whether a small part was missing, upside down or misaligned before it moved to the next assembly step?

Traditional error-proofing solutions such as vision systems or 2D devices are accurate, but integration is complex and price points are high.

ifm's OGD Precision Sensor is designed with a powerful laser light source that detects deviations in the positon of tiny parts via distance measurement to the nearest millimeter, making it ideal for quality control.

  • "Time-of-Flight" sensing principle with PMD technology provides reliable sensing, background suppression and high excess gain.
  • Can be used on reflective surfaces and all colors; 22...300 mm sensing range.
  • Two-color digital display indicates the distance in cm, mm or inches.
  • Compact profile with standard M18 thread is easy to mount.

Easy setup
Use the visible red light spot to align the sensor.  Manually toggle the setpoint distanc up or down and save.  That's it!