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Response to Coronavirus

On March 19, 2020, Pennsylvania's Governor, Tom Wolf, issued an order to close all Pennsylvania businesses that are not linked to life-sustaining operations by 8:00 pm. Per the governor's definition of "life-sustaining operations", ifm is not impacted as our business is defined as a "Merchant Wholesaler of Electrical & Electronic goods". Therefore, ifm efector will remain open and in full operation tomorrow to serve your sensor and controls needs. We will continue to monitor the situation closely for any further developments. Thank you.

Dear Valued Customer,

The coronavirus is affecting personal and business environments at all levels and we look forward to the speedy recovery and better welfare of everyone affected.  

At ifm we have taken various steps to keep our employees, customers and guests safe, while maintaining our commitment to being your sensor and automation resource.  In an effort to keep our customers informed, we would like to provide answers to some of the questions you may have:

1. Is ifm’s inventory and product availability impacted?

    1. We have increased stock levels to prepare for unforeseen production or logistics delays.
    2. Our stock availability is directly linked to and available on our website.  You can check our site via part number or, feel free to contact our customer service team to learn about stock availability levels.

2. Is ifm’s production affected?

    1. ifm’s production is currently not affected.  We are monitoring the supply chain situation closely and are making every effort to avoid disruption.
    2. We are also proactively increasing our component stock levels and as a matter of good business practice, have in place, a diversified sources of suppliers.   These steps should minimize our risk.

3. Are there logistics or transportation risks?

    1. ifm efector receives  the majority of its product from its parent company in Germany.  Currently our shipments are arriving as expected.   Our main shipping contractors have already begun diversifying routing options with various carriers.  We have also employed UPS & FedEx to help work through any inbound blockages and to rush deliveries.
    2. Domestically, we use FedEx & UPS for customer delivers and they are running as scheduled.

4. Are ifm’s operations affected:

    1. We are maintaining our normal work schedules but have enacted our business continuity plan, diversifying the work locations of our employees.  With this effort, we fully expect to maintain a consistent level of service for processing customer orders, shipping product and responding to customer billing needs.  This plan will also help with the health and safety of our employees.
    2. We have implemented a “limited exposure” policy for visitors to avoid unnecessary contact but allow for necessary business needs.
    3. We have suspended non-essential travel and have directed our customer facing teams to work via technology as much as possible.

Should you have any questions or needs, please contact us.  We will keep this message updated as we learn of new developments.

Phone 800-441-8246
email cs.us@ifm.com

Thank you,

ifm Leadership