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Automate 2019 - Visit ifm at booth 8125

What if unplanned downtime was a thing of the past?

Many of today's omni-channel fulfillment centers rely on zero unplanned downtime to ensure throughput and profitability. Critical bottleneck portions of their retrieval and sortation systems can bring an entire facility to a halt should they encounter unforeseen failures.

ifm predictive maintenance solutions combine 24/7 monitoring of critical assets with dashboard visualization and notification capabilities to ensure you can proactively address potential issues during your scheduled downtime periods.

Visit ifm at Automate 2019 Booth 8125 to learn more about our experience and solutions for real-time maintenance in warehouse and distribution centers.

How can IO-Link be leveraged to increase throughput and efficiency in conveying systems?

As e-commerce puts continued pressure on retailers, demands for increased fulfillment system throughput will also continue to grow.  In order to stay ahead, “trapped” data within existing sensors can be leveraged utilizing IO-Link and converted into actionable information as to what is occurring in real-time throughout the system.

IO-Link digital communication gives the controller access to additional data previously inaccessible using traditional discrete/analog controls architectures.  Solutions can then be created using this data to detect abnormal running conditions, identify jams, estimate parcel flow rates and increase overall efficiency.

Further, utilizing ifm’s “Y-Path” digital interface, this data can also be provided directly to supervisory and business analytics systems without burdening the Warehouse Control System.

What if track and trace implementation was as simple as connecting a sensor?

ifm’s RFID all-in-one antenna/readers with IO-Link connects the same way sensors and actuators connect, simplifying design and controls architecture, and eliminating the need for a dedicated RFID controller. ifm's IO-Link master block takes the place of the controller.

Cost-efficient track and trace solutions can be achieved by combining ifm's new RFID solution with ifm’s digital interface capabilities, which allows direct data exchange between the IO-Link Master and your business analytic systems. We call this the “Y Path”.

See live demonstrations by visiting the ifm booth 8125 at Automate, April 8-11, McCormick Place, Chicago.

Click here to schedule time with an ifm engineer during Automate.

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