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Dear Colleagues,
Dear Customers and Suppliers,
Dear Business Partners,

Since the beginning, a lively corporate culture has been important for the ifm group of companies. It should be shaped by confidence and moral action and be reflected in the interaction between the employees and also in the partnerships with our customers and business partners.
Open, appreciative interaction at an equal footing with our employees and business partners has been an integral part of the ifm corporate culture since its foundation in the year 1969.

These basic modes of conduct were laid down in the ifm corporate philosophy by the founders Robert Buck and Gerd Marhofer in 1990. The values defined then are the same that apply still today and will continue on in the future. They are the pillars on which we have grown as the ifm group of companies and on which our activities of today and the future are based. Our founders defined, codified and lived these values in times during which topics such as corporate governance and compliance were not in the thoughts of the general public yet.

These values established then and still valid today are the roots of our worldwide applicable ifm code of conduct to which we commit ourselves as ifm worldwide. The ifm code of conduct is the charter of our activities and our success - which we as ifm are convinced of.

The ifm code of conduct summarises the core of the values of our ifm corporate philosophy and transports them into the present. These values and the compliance with them are the guarantee for us as ifm that we are perceived and estimated by our business partners as a moral company, then and now.

According to the ifm code of conduct we stand for the following values:

  • We as ifm are following the applicable laws, guidelines and standards.
  • We as ifm treat each other and our business partners respectfully. The religion, the sex, the age, the skin colour or the ethnic origin do not have any influence on our activities.
  • We as ifm explicitly acknowledge the UN Charter on Human Rights. Child and forced labour are rejected by us as ifm and also by our business partners.
  • For us at ifm the interaction with our business partners is of great importance. We maintain an intensive exchange and a trustful interaction with our customers and suppliers. Any pretence of obtaining or granting an undue advantage is to be excluded by us.
  • We as ifm stand for a fair competition.
  • We as ifm develop and sell the best products for an automated world, however not for military and weapon-technology purposes.
  • We as ifm adhere to the privacy notice and handling of confidential information.
  • We as ifm observe the requirements on occupational safety and environmental protection so that we and our children will have a sustainable future, today and tomorrow.

We do a lot for these moral values and the compliance with them because we have always done what we have meant and said.

We support his culture by means of internal trainings on the subjects of compliance, risk management and internal control system. We establish well-directed guidelines which provide us with orientation and certainty in our daily activities. Furthermore, audits are carried out by internal revision and external auditors ensuring compliance with these rules.

Moreover, it has always been our ifm culture that our employees can directly and confidentially address reports on possible incorrect behaviour against our ifm documents both to your line manager and directly to us as the Board of Directors. In addition, our employees can also use the direct exchange with our compliance officer for confidential matters.

Our business partners can directly address their contact at ifm at any time to point out deficits which do not meet our ifm values.

The EU Commission intends to better protect people giving reports by means of minimum standards for EU-wide reporting channels. Already now, some EU States have passed laws to protect a whistleblower which are to be implemented by and adhered to in all companies active in that particular country. We as ifm also want to meet these EU requirements of tomorrow already today. Therefore, we add the ifm whistleblowing system to the above-mentioned reporting channels. The system makes it possible for everyone who wants to give a report to do this anonymously or personalised. This way, we as ifm give also those a chance to open themselves to us who do not know the right contact for their issue or who are uncertain about possible risks of their report.

Whichever possibility you will decide on, either via direct contact or anonymous or personalised report in our new whistleblowing system: We will follow up all reports with the highest level of discretion and due care. If the matter is confirmed, we will introduce corresponding countermeasures.

You help us as ifm to become better!
We as the entire Board of Directors of the ifm group of companies thank you for your confidence and your support with our goal of "growing successfully in security" together with you.

ifm stiftung & co. kg

(from left to right) Martin Buck (Chairman of the Board and co-CEO), Benno Kathan (Member of the Board of Directors), Christoph von Rosenberg (Member of the Board of Directors), Michael Marhofer (Chairman of the Board and co-CEO) and Dr. Thomas May (Member of the Board of Directors).