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Accessories for fiber optic sensors - Glass fiber optics

  • Resistant to various aggressive chemicals
  • Silicate glass fiber optics enable tight bending radii
  • For installation with limited mounting space
  • Operation as through-beam sensor or diffuse reflection sensor
  • Different designs and sensing heads for a large variety of applications

Glass fibre optics

Fibre optic systems are used where mounting space for photoelectric standard sensors is restricted. The evaluation unit and the fibre optics are mounted separately.
These systems can therefore be installed in places where access is difficult.

Fibre optic systems are designed as through-beam or diffuse reflection sensors.

Fibre optics made of silicate glass are more resistant to heat, ageing and chemicals than acrylic fibre optics. They do not change their optical response when they are bent. Glass fibre optic sensors cannot be cut to length by the user.