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Female cordsets for hazardous areas

  • For applications in hazardous areas
  • Connection technology meets the M12 standard (EN 61076)
  • With EC type examination certificate for components
  • Mechanical end stop to protect the O-ring from destruction
  • Sawtooth design protects against shock and vibration


Sockets are generally used in automation technology to connect sensors and actuators with connectors to splitter boxes.
Even when fastened by hand, a perfect lasting seal of sensor and actuator connections is guaranteed. The integrated end stop protects the O-ring against destruction caused by over-tightening the nut. Even in harsh industrial environments, the connectors are protected against unintended loosening by a special vibration protection.
Sockets of the ecolink series for hazardous areas comply with the strict international standard requirements and may be used in ATEX areas.