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Male cordsets for welding applications

  • Weld-slag resistant PUR cable with drag chain suitability
  • Nut with special weld-slag resistant coating
  • Mechanical end stop to protect the O-ring from destruction
  • Sawtooth design protects against shock and vibration
  • LEDs clearly visible even under bright lighting

Cable plugs

Cable plugs are frequently used for connecting sensors and actuators with connection terminals to splitter boxes or modules in automation technology.
Even when fastened by hand, a perfect lasting seal of splitter and module connections is guaranteed. They offer high protection against moisture ingress and high material resistance to aggressive liquids.
The cable plugs of the ecolink EVW series for use in welding applications have a special PUR-jacketed cable.
The non-stick coating of the external thread allows weld spatter to roll off the sensor and enables easy and quick cleaning.