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Cameras for mobile applications - 3D sensors

  • Reliable data provision via Ethernet UDP
  • Fast response time with time-of-flight technology
  • Suited for use in mobile machines
  • Compact and robust housing
  • Long sensing range up to 35 m

3D sensors

ifm’s 3D Time of Flight distance sensors are an industry leader for robust, outdoor collision avoidance systems. The technology uses infrared light to identify potential hazards in the way of the vehicle, so the machine can apply the braking system or warn the operator. Equipment like drill rigs, haul trucks, refuse trucks, baggage loaders, and road building machines are using this technology for obstacle detection. Previously, collision avoidance has been difficult to implement due to environmental interference like sunlight, rain, vibration, snow, and dust. The O3M was developed with these challenges in mind, to be a rugged technology for object detection in heavy equipment applications. Changing materials like metal, rubber, or cement are detected at the same distance, to implement collision mitigation features. Simple wiring and configuration features allow customers to implement semi-autonomous features in a few hours, rather than months.