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RFID UHF (Long range)


RFID solutions in the UHF range are used in production, intralogistics and conveying. They are distinguished by their long ranges and the ability to read several transponders (ID tags) at the same time.
The UHF evaluation unit controls the data exchange to the RFID antennas or the sensor/actuator level, communicates with the higher control level and allows device configuration via a web server. Different versions are offered for use within and outside Europe.
The UHF evaluation unit transmits the data to the PLC via Ethernet IP or Ethernet TCP/IP.
UHF antennas for RFID enable non-contact reading from and/or writing to RFID transponders. They are offered for four ranges - ultra low range, low range, mid range and wide range.
ID tags are the information carriers of the RF identification system. They are fixed to the objects to be coded and thus establish a logical connection between the code and the related object.