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RFID for data size <16 bits

  • Tried-and-tested RF identification system in 125 kHz technology
  • Wide range of interfaces for RFID evaluation units
  • Robust antennas and ID tags with long writing / reading distance
  • Compact and at a low cost: Antenna and evaluation in one housing
  • Read/write head with AS-i interface

RFID 125 kHz

The RF identification system for 125 kHz enables non-contact reading from and/or writing to RFID transponders (ID tags). The compact read/write heads include, in addition to the antenna, the complete evaluation and the interface to AS-Interface. So the units can be operated directly in the AS-i network. The data is converted into digitally coded values and provided to the AS-i control level without further programming. Applications are found in production lines, where the units are used for material flow control.
Up to 31 devices can be controlled by an AS-i master. The ifm app allows easy configuration of the RFID system. No special PC software is required; a web browser is sufficient. As an alternative to AS-Interface, antennas can also be connected directly to an RFID evaluation unit with fieldbus interface. The evaluation unit transmits the data to the PLC via PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP or EtherCAT.
The product range comprises read/write heads for detection zones of different sizes and a large variety of ID tags.