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IO-Link - O5D laser distance sensors with display

  • Precise background suppression and color-independent detection
  • PMD time-of-flight measurement for very long range
  • Variants with laser protection class 1
  • Distance shown on the integrated display

O5 distance sensors with display

The O5D is a distance sensor with time-of-flight measurement based on PMD technology (PMD = Photonic Mixer Device). It combines the advantages of long ranges, reliable background suppression, visible red light and high excess gain in one compact, rectangular standard housing. The switch point can be set to the nearest centimetre via "+/-" buttons and the display. Thanks to IO-Link, the switch point can also be set from a controller or PC. The current value can be viewed on the display at all times. The accurate background suppression ensures that even shiny, matt, dark or light objects are safely detected. The unit allows any angle of incidence and thus any mounting position, which facilitates installation and saves costs. Versions with laser class 1 meet the requirements of applications in the automotive industry.