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AS-Interface Safety at Work - Safe AS-i door switches

  • Power-to-lock and power-to-unlock versions available
  • Rotatable actuating head made of metal
  • Mechanical release on the front
  • Space-saving design
  • Suited for applications up to Performance Level PL d

AS-Interface Safety at Work - Safe AS-i door switches

Safe door switches

AS-i door switches with guard locking have the function to keep moving protective equipment such as protective grating, protective guards and other covers closed as long as a dangerous state is present. They are operated in safe AS-i systems (Safety at Work) and function as electromagnetic interlocks with guard locking.

In combination with a guard and the machine control system this safety component prevents the safety guard from being opened while there is potential of exposure to a mechanical hazard. For the control system this means that switch-on commands which cause hazardous situations must become active only when the safety guard is in a protective position and the guard locking in locked position. The locked position of the guard locking must be released only when the hazardous situation is no longer present.