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Level sensors - Guided wave radar probes, Type LR

  • Versions with two or four switching outputs or analog output
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • Probe lengths up to 200 cm
  • Probes and coaxial tubes may be cut to length for application flexibility

Modular probe concept

The level sensor operates to the principle of guided wave radar and measures the level using electromagnetic pulses in the nanosecond range. It is suitable for continuous level monitoring of almost all liquids, including aqueous media, coolants, cleaning liquids and oils.
The sensor is directly mounted in the tank using a process connection or flange plate. If necessary, the probe can be easily shortened and adapted to the tank by the user.
Setting of all parameters as well as programming of the switch points and indication of the current level are carried out via programming buttons and a 4-digit alphanumeric display. The sensor can also be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LR Device software is used to visualize, transfer and archive parameter sets.