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Safety light grids - Active/passive system

  • Transmitter and receiver in single housing for reduced wiring
  • Reliable protection of hazardous areas
  • Easy wiring and programming
  • Standardized connection via 8-pole M12 connector
  • Mirror required for active/passive operation

Active / passive system

OY series safety light grids with active / passive system are used to safeguard hazardous areas and protect personnel. The transmitter and the receiver are integrated in the housing of the active element. The passive element houses the reflecting mirrors. The electrical connection is integrated in the active element. Wiring complexity is considerably reduced.
Depending on the protected area height light grids with 2, 3 or 4 light beams are available.
Safety light grids are optoelectronic safety devices consisting of one transmitter and one receiver. They conform to the safety requirements of type 4 / SIL 3.
Typical applications include access prevention or hazardous area monitoring of robot cells and production lines.