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Vision sensors - Operating software for 1D/2D code readers

  • User-friendly creation and administration of application-specific configurations
  • Real-time monitor mode for set-up and service purposes
  • Storage and distribution of service reports
  • Application analysis via service report

Operating software for 1D/2D code readers

The operating software for O2I multicode readers distinguishes between the operating modes "Configurations", "Monitor" and "Service Report". In the operating mode "Configurations", a new configuration can be created, managed and parameterised. The device can store up to 32 configuration files (= parameter sets). A configuration contains all application-relevant parameters allowing the device to execute the read/verification mode independently.
In the Monitor mode the operation of the device is observed. With each triggering the image captured is transferred to the operating program, displayed and evaluated. The respective reading/verification result, the assessment of the code quality and the statistical information are displayed in the result field.
The reading/verification results obtained in the monitor mode can be saved locally as evaluation protocol. The service report additionally saves the configuration of the device, the evaluation statistics (good/bad readings) and the last reading/verification results with image.