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Smart valve sensor for valve actuators

  • Great all-round position visibility from a distance
  • Continuous position feedback
  • Easy setting via teach button or IO-Link
  • Diagnostic functions for cycle time and count, seal monitoring

Smart valve sensor for valve actuators

Hardware description

  • MVQ101 -- IO-Link, 3 digital outputs (Open / Close / Alarm)
  • MVQ201 -- IO-Link, 2 digital outputs (Open / Close), 1 digital input to control valve solenoid, 2 M12 connectors

IO-Link - Position sensors for valve actuators

Most feedback devices indicate only two positions of quarter-turn valves: open and closed. But what happens when the feedback shows “closed” when in reality the valve is not closed completely, a sign that it’s beginning to fail?

The MVQ Smart Valve Sensor continuously monitors the valve’s exact position, enabling the MVQ to not only sense valve-open or valve-closed but can immediately warn when the valve’s closed position is drifting. By having real-time information, valve failure can be corrected right away, avoiding critical process contamination or unplanned stoppages.

Open and closed setpoints can be easily established by using the button at the top of the sensor, or setpoints providing early diagnosis of valve failure can be set using IO-Link.

IO-Link reduces regular maintenance cycles with self-diagnostic functions.

  • Preventive measures can be set, such as seal monitoring (valve exceeds closed position) or detection of deposits (valve does not fully close).
  • In addition, the valve open and closed time can be monitored to determine proper valve operation.

The MVQ valve sensor can be mounted on any ISO Namur standard valve actuator. Bright LEDs can be seen from all angles and indicate Open, Closed or Alarm.