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Laser sensors - OGD precision distance sensor for error proofing applications

  • Small compact design with standard M18 thread and PMD time-of-flight technology
  • Sensors with laser protection class 1
  • Visualization and setting of the distance value via IO-Link and 2-color display on the unit
  • Easy setting with 3 buttons or IO-Link

Laser sensors - Type M18 Cube in metal housing

Thanks to the innovative on-chip time-of-flight principle with PMD technology (photonic mixer device), this sensor offers all the capability of a very precise measurement system. The OGD Precision with an extremely small light spot and a 300 mm range is perfectly suited for the detection of very small parts. The OGD Long Range reliably measures distances up to 1.5 m. Both detect objects independent of the colour and with laser protection class 1, which is not harmful to the eye. The excellent reflection resistance and background suppression, together with a high excess gain, enable reliable operation