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Photoelectric sensors - O6 wetline for harsh applications

  • Stainless steel housing with high protection rating
  • Simple potentiometer setting of the range
  • Range is independent of the object color
  • User-friendly communication via IO-Link

Photoelectric sensors - O6 wetline for harsh applications

Small rectangular design O6 for wet areas

The photoelectric sensors of the O6 wetline series are designed for the food industry and offer an outstanding optical performance. The robust stainless steel housing with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K is suited for use in harsh environments.

The potentiometers and rotary switches are fitted with a double seal. The front pane is embedded flush and made of resistant, shatterproof plastic. This allows residue-free cleaning.

The transparent black housing cover ensures that, even in bright lighting conditions, the LEDs for switching status and operation are clearly visible.

The clearly defined consistent light spot ensures precise object detection. There is no scattered light which could interfere with other photoelectric sensors in close vicinity.

Diffuse reflection sensors distinguish themselves by reliable background suppression, even in case of highly reflective backgrounds. The sensing range is independent of the type and colour of the object to be detected. A special feature is the automatic sensitivity compensation that guarantees reliable operation even in steam, smoke or highly reflective environments.