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Cylinder sensors - T-slot reed switches with adapters for other types

  • Three-wire versions for the connection of a variety of controllers
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Quick disconnect and prewired versions
  • Self-locking fixture for quick mounting and easy adjustment
  • Easy fit 'drop from the top' into a slot

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High load current for use on T-slot cylinders

T-slot cylinder sensors for applications with high load currents of up to 500 mA can be reliably adapted to all common cylinder types. The self-locking mechanism as well as the easy positioning in the T-slot allow comfortable one-hand installation. The sensor is fixed by a combined head screw. This also provides excellent strain relief.
Thanks to the wide selection of adapter accessories the T-slot sensors can be fixed to almost every T-slot, clean line, tie rod, integrated profile or trapezoidal slot cylinder. Storage and mounting time can thus be reduced.