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Capacitive sensors - Sensors with LED display

Capacitive sensors - With switch point visualisation

Capacitive sensors detect bulk materials or liquids through non-metallic vessel walls. An intuitive 12-LED bar display allows the user to adapt the switch point to suit the application conditions. Once the optimal setting is reached, the LED in the centre of the display lights. The green LEDs either side of the switch point indicate the reliability of the switch point. Deposits, material changes etc. are directly displayed on the sensor and the user can readjust the switch point as needed. An imminent error can be detected in good time and avoided thus minimising the risk of failures or deactivation.
The parameters can either be set via the buttons on the sensor or via IO-Link interface using the USB interface E30396 or the memory plug E30398. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to display the measured sensor values and set the parameters online as well as offline. Thanks to the visualisation of actual measured values tolerance limits can be defined around the set switch point.