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Inductive sensors - High ambient temperature applications

  • For use in temperatures up to 180 °C
  • For applications in the steel and glass industries
  • Sensor and evaluation unit in one housing
  • Wide range of variants
  • 5 m silicone cable for termination outside high temperature environment

Inductive sensors - High ambient temperature applications

Use at high ambient temperatures up to 180 °C

The high-temperature inductive sensors are specially designed for the steel and glass industries, but they are also suited for other hot environments and applications, such as industrial furnaces, burners and incinerators.

Standard sensors are not conceived for temperatures above 100 °C. Electronic components and tin solder would be damaged. Thanks to their special mechanical construction and the use of select materials and electronic components, the high-temperature inductive sensors are perfectly suited for temperatures up to 180 °C. With its compact and sturdy design, this series offers maximum long-term stability and reliability even under the most challenging operating conditions.