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Inductive sensors - Welding solutions

  • Magnetic-field immune
  • Long sensing range for high uptime
  • Large variety of senosr types
  • Cylindrical types with high switching frequency
  • Weld slag resistant coating

Use in welding applications

Electromagnetic interference produced during resistance welding can easily throw inductive sensors off balance. The inductive electromagnetic field immune sensors of the W series are protected against this by a special coil structure. In AC/DC and medium-frequency welding systems these sensors guarantee high operational reliability and plant uptime.
The non-stick coating allows weld spatter to roll off the sensor and enables easy and quick cleaning. The sensing faces of the sensors consist of resistant Duroplast. The metal sleeves are PTFE-coated in addition.
The sensors have the same sensing range on all metals thanks to a correction factor of K = 1.
The protection rating IP 69K provides reliable protection against ingress of dust and moisture.
In combination with the connectors of the ecolink EVW series, the inductive sensors of the W series are the perfect choice for welding applications.
The threaded body and the sensing face of the full-metal sensors of the R series are made of high-grade stainless steel. This makes them mechanically resistant to impacts at the sensing face.