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Vortex inline volumetric flow sensors with user-friendly display

The alternative: Vortex sensor instead of vane

  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Electronically rotatable multi-colour display
  • Rotatable G and R process connections as option
  • Red/green colour change for process values adjustable
  • Can be used for water with and without conductivity (deionised water)

Turbulence as a measure for the flow
Behind a blunt body (or shedder) integrated in the measuring pipe, the flowing medium generates swirling vortices depending on the velocity. These vortices are detected by a piezoceramic sensor. If the cross-section is known, the number of the vortices allows to determine the flow rate.
This flow rate measurement principle, known as vortex (or vortex shedding) principle, is almost independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations of the medium. It allows a simple design and thus a low-cost production of sensors for flow rate measurement.
The current flow and temperature are output as standardised current signal (4...20 mA), as frequency signal, switching output or via IO-Link as option.