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IO-Link - Pressure sensors type PN with digital display

  • Programmable red/green display for clear identification of the acceptable range
  • The process connection can be rotated for optimum alignment
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Clearly visible indication of the switching status
  • With long-term stability thanks to high overload protection

PN pressure sensors with digital display

The pressure sensors of the PN series are characterised by a modern and user-friendly design. The maximum robustness, high protection rating and captive laser labelling ensure reliable operation of the sensors even in in harsh industrial environments. The ceramic-capacitive measuring principle with a special support of the measuring diaphragm makes the sensors immune to overload operation and high pressure peaks, ensuring outstanding long-term stability.
Set-up, maintenance and operation are facilitated by a 4-digit LED display, which is visible from all sides even at greater distances, and two switching status LEDs on the sensor head. The display can be switched from the indication of "red" to an alternating indication of "red - green". So, switching states can be highlighted or an independent colour window can be created.
The screwed-on sensor can be rotated in any direction. Mounting brackets, which can be obtained as an option, allow installation in any position.