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Automation sets for valve actuators

  • Sensor, valve, switching cam and connection cable: All in one box
  • For all actuators according to VDI / VDE 3845
  • Prewired cable to the solenoid valve
  • Dual sensors with integrated AS-i connection
  • Considerable cost reduction compared to switchbox mounting

Automation set for valve actuators

In industrial processes where liquids, air or gases are used, valves are needed for dosing and control. Dual inductive sensors of the IN and AC23 series provide reliable feedback of the valve positions on pneumatic valve actuators and valves. They are operated in combination with a switch target (also called 'puck').
The puck is mounted directly on the actuator shaft. It is equipped with two metal screws that are mounted at different heights and offset by 90°. A dual inductive sensor with two integral sensors detects the upper or the lower metal screw and, thus, the "open" or "closed" position of the valve. The system operates without contact or wear and is self-cleaning. It is virtually resistant to external influence and insensitive to mechanical stress such as vibration and shock.
An automation set including a dual inductive sensor with AS-Interface, puck, cable, valve plug, mounting accessories and manufacturer-specific solenoid valve is offered for quick set-up.