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The new compact O6 photoelectric sensors with infrared light

Powerful photoelectric sensors in a plastic housing

  • Precise detection with non-visible infrared light
  • Increased operational safety in steam, fog and dust
  • Easy setting via potentiometer or rotary switch
  • In particular suitable for gate applications
  • Not only available as energetic diffuse reflection sensor but also as throughbeam sensor

Ideal for universal applications
Whether in different types of access controls such as gate applications in airports or with escalators, – wherever people are to be detected, visible light is often not wanted. In such applications especially photoelectric sensors with non-visible infrared light find a wide range of applications.

Best optical performance
Infrared light allows longer ranges, in particular with dark (black) objects. In addition, the products feature high extraneous light immunity. Besides energetic diffuse reflection sensors the units are also available as throughbeam sensors.
All models are equipped with a 4-pole M8 connector. The sensors are distinguished by an excellent price / performance ratio. Extensive mounting accessories complete the range.