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Systems for signal conversion - Frequency-to-current converters

  • Frequency-proportional current or voltage output
  • High input frequency of up to 60,000 pulses / minute
  • Various configurable monitoring functions
  • Clearly readable, luminous OLED display
  • Wide operating temperature range

Frequency-to-current converters

In industrial production processes, it is often necessary to detect overspeed or underspeed of conveyor belts.
The programmable frequency-to-current converter serves to indicate and convert frequencies. It receives pulses from external sensors and pulse pick-ups and calculates their frequency according to the interval measurement principle. Based on the set parameters, it generates an analogue output signal proportional to the calculated frequency / rotational speed.
In addition, the converter has one transistor output and one relay output that switch on or off in case the set limit frequency is exceeded or not reached.