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IO-Link - Incremental encoders with display

  • Can be configured as encoder, speed monitor or counter
  • Clearly visible LED display with red/green colour change
  • User-friendly communication and parameterisation via IO-Link
  • High shock and vibration resistance thanks to magnetic sensing principle
  • Resolution freely programmable from 1 ... 9,999

Incremental encoders with display

Their high accuracy and robust design make encoders with magnetic detection an ideal choice for harsh industrial applications.
Resolution and signal level can be programmed. The encoders have a wide voltage range of 4.5...30 V DC and are therefore suited for universal use.
Performance Line encoders have an integrated signal evaluation for speed monitoring, counter functions and detection of the direction of rotation.
The current position value is indicated on a bright LED display. The settings are made via operating keys on the unit and an intuitive menu navigation.
Diagnostic and parameter data are reliably transferred via IO-Link.