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Level sensors - Electronic contact manometers with analogue display

  • Excellent readability also over a long distance
  • Rotatable display with LED bar graph for switch point indication
  • Output functions programmable via LED display and optical touch fields
  • Hygienic, flush design
  • Flush process connection with variable sealing options

Electronic contact manometers with analogue display

The flush electronic pressure sensor of the PG series with analogue display combines the good readability of a manometer display with the advantages of an electronic sensor. This electronic "contact manometer" can be used in all process industries where system pressures need to be monitored, transmitted and displayed simultaneously. It combines the characteristics of switches, transmitters and analogue displays in one unit.
The sensor has a programmable switching output and a scalable analogue output. The current system pressure is indicated by a pointer, which is not visible in the absence of voltage. It is simultaneously shown on the LED display as an alphanumeric value. The LED bar graph also indicates the set and reset points, trends and limits of dynamic pressure fluctuations, if any.
Equipped with a robust stainless steel housing, the sensor is designed for use in the food and beverage industry. It provides high overload resistance as well as an integrated temperature compensation. The rotatable analogue display can be adapted quickly and conveniently to any given installation situation.