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AS-Interface gateways with fail-safe PLC

Gateways with fail-safe PLC

AS-i gateways with integrated PLC function control the data exchange to the sensor/actuator level and communicate rapidly with the superior control level. They can be used as independent, decentralised controllers or as gateways to all common fieldbus systems. The range includes interfaces to EtherNet/IP and PROFINET, among others.
The devices consist of two PLCs in one housing. While one PLC solves safety-related tasks, the second PLC operates as a standard PLC. Both PLCs communicate with each other, so that the entire plant control including safety functions and visualisations can be implemented with only one master.
The fail-safe PLC is certified for use in safety-related applications up to SIL 3, PL e. The unit features safe local inputs and outputs. Convenient diagnostic functions such as a status display for safe I/Os and an error memory with time stamp for messages facilitate troubleshooting and decrease downtime.
Thanks to the colour display, the status of all AS-i slaves is recognizable at a single glance. Sensor/actuator data can also be visualised via the integrated WEB server.
The powerful PLCs are easily programmed via CODESYS.