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RFID-system ANT600

RFID antenna with a 200 mm range and diagnostic LED

  • Diagnostic and display LEDs for easy set-up
  • Communication to the PLC via DTE10x evaluation unit
  • Connection with rotatable M12 connector for standard cables of up to 20 m
  • Adjustable transmitting power
  • Extensive range of mounting accessories

A multitude of applications with long ranges
The ANT600 antenna is ideal for long writing / reading distances. A typical application is product tracking in the production process. The ANT600 may be used for storing e.g. production data or quality parameters on the ID tags. In material logistics, the RFID system can easily determine whether the material and quantity of material match the production order. In plant control, product-specific machine parameters can be read from the ID tag attached to the product. The transmitting power can be adjusted in order to define different ranges. 

Advantages of ifm’s RFID solutions:
Connection to the RFID evaluation units of the DTE10x series.
The RFID antennas are designed for connection to the compact ifm evaluation unit DTE10x. This unit offers four M12 sockets for connection of up to four RFID antennas. Optionally, unused RFID inputs can also be used for the control of outputs or the detection of digital input signals. Two digital sensors can be connected to each socket set as an input; and an actuator to each output. For communication to the higher-level controller, the DTE10x has an EtherCAT, Profibus, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP or PROFINET interface, depending on the design. The robust design with protection rating IP 67 permits use in harsh industrial environments.

Application example: RFID for detection of material during manufacture and of inflow and outflow in high-bay storage facilities
The ifm RFID solution with connection to a Siemens PLC is used as a system. The ifm components DTE 100, ANT600 and the RFID tag E80383 are used. The task consists of identifying an article marked with a 14-digit variable code and an order number. Benefit for the customer: the indication and booking of the material inflow / outflow in real time closes the gap between the material stock in the warehouse and the stock indicated in the customer's software system. The system knows at all times the location and number of products of all types. No need for complex documentation. Lost paperwork is a thing of the past. The transponder is firmly connected to the tank. Long distances are no problem thanks to the 200 mm writing / reading range of the RFID antenna.