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IO-Link - Multiturn encoders

  • Absolute position traceability even when unpowered
  • Values can be set directly, without detouring via the PLC, for precise positioning operations
  • Flexible installation thanks to rotatable M12 connector with integrated status LED
  • Freely programmable total resolution up to 31 bits

IO-Link - Multiturn encoders

Absolute multiturn encoders

The new multiturn encoder, with a total resolution of 31 bits, offers a broad range of position and speed capacities.

Thanks to the robust and battery-free magnetic measurement technology, the sensor also detects movement even if the machine is deactivated. The digital input and output allow for process communication in real time: The position sensors can signal end positions directly to the encoder  without any need for the PLC to interfere.

This avoids time delays and mechanical displacements.