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Power for wet and hygienic areas: ecolink M12, L-coded

  • 2.5 mm² cable cross section for currents up to 16 amperes
  • M12 connector with L-coding according to EN 61076
  • Cable sheath made of halogen-free and flameretardant material
  • Anti-slip contour nut ensures tight connection during manual mounting
  • Ideal for connection to the IO-Link masters in the food industry

Perfect connection for hygienic and wet areas

The new ecolink M12 connectors meet the demanding requirements of the food industry and ensure a reliable power supply from the IO-Link master to the sensor or actuator. The L-coding enables the transmission of currents up to 16 amperes, the cable cross section of 2.5 mm² contributes to the low voltage drop.

Securely permanently tight

The asymmetrically acting vibration protection holds the threaded sleeve tight in its position, guaranteeing optimum and permanent sealing. The contoured nut is easy to tighten sufficiently, even when tightened by hand.

Technical data:

Operating voltage: 63 V DC
Nominal current: 16 A
Protection rating: IP 65, IP 67, IP 69K in locked condition with the matching counterpart
Tightening torque nut: 0.6 Nm...1.2 Nm Observe maximum value of the counterpart


Housing / moulded body: PP
Coupling nut: stainless steel
Contacts: gold-plated
Sealing ring: EPDM
Cable: MPPE 5 x 2.5 mm²


Food industry

With IO-Link master:
Secure connection at the process level

Combined with the high-current-capable IO-Link masters from ifm for the food industry, the EVF cables ensure permanently reliable connection of sensors or actuators to the subsequent infrastructure within challenging process environments.


IO-Link master, for sensors and 2 A actuators, power supply via daisy chain using L-coded M12 connection technology.