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Successful relocation of ifm electronic Asia Pte. Ltd.


For more growth and expansion: The new factory’s land area is more than double of the previous. The increased space offers a multitude of benefits for employees and customers.

November 8, 2021 ifm electronic Asia shifted to its new location, 2 Tuas Avenue 8 (formerly, 8 Tuas Avenue 1).

In 2010, ifm electronic Asia was founded in Singapore. From a small company of ten employees eleven years ago, ifm electronic Asia has grown to a medium sized company of nearly 100 employees in two-shift operation. This also meant that in 2018 all available space in the factory was used up. After discussions of different possibilities of more growth and expansion, in May 2019 the decision was made to relocate to a bigger space. Now the team of ifm electronic Asia is very delighted to announce the successful plant relocation.

The new factory's land area of nearly 10,000 m² is more than double of the previous. Summing up to about 5,200 m², the total available space is allotted amongst the departments. Approximately half of the usable space is in use and the other 50% is planned for future expansion. In addition, the plan for a new IT Hub is integrated into this location. It will be set up in 2022 and will serve the Asia Pacific region in future.

"We would like to thank all those involved who made a successful and smooth relocation possible", says Björn Ostertag, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Managing Director ifm electronic Asia Pte. Ltd.

Exploring new concepts

The new location allows the production to explore new concepts which will improve productivity and efficiency, such as optimization of material flow, introduction of an operator training line, common/open line concept, separate material preparation and sub-assembly areas, preparation for Automatic Guided Vehicle integration (Mobile Industrial Robots), Digital Production Order and many others.

Here you can see the production area.

Likewise for the supply chain the new location offers now an independent warehouse area, with a separated shipping and warehouse space, optimization of storage and preparation for future automated concepts. Now the incoming quality inspection is integrated within the warehouse area which results in higher efficiency and faster processing time.

This is the logistics warehouse.

Enough space for growth

The Research and Development Department (R&D department) has sufficient space for growth in the coming years in their office area, as well as in the laboratory. The incoming inspection is now set up within the material flow and uses an area which allows the integration of the lab and the office in a more efficient way.

To enhance ifm customer service, the local sales team and the regional support team will use the integrated Sales Training Centre.

Finally, there are now spaces for a multifunction room which is used for fitness, relaxation and team activities and bigger pantry areas to serve more employees while following the Covid-19 safe distancing rules.

Left-Above: Lobby; Centre: One of the Pantries; Right-Above: Offices & Meeting Rooms; Left Below: Quality Incoming Inspection; Centre: R&D Laboratory; Right-Below: R&D Office