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LDL sensors

Conductivity for phase detection and CIP systems – a new approach

Introducing the LDL family of conductivity sensors from ifm

Reduce inaccuracies associated with a time-based cleaning process.

Measurement at each piece of equipment or process segment verifies the product and confirms cleaning or rinsing has been properly completed. Eliminating a time-based process control ensures that you run the cleaning and rinsing cycles only as long as needed

Achieve higher safety margin with feedback during recipe changes and cleaning cycles.

Without a way of measuring concentration of chemicals in a CIP system, a purely time-based method is used. This assumes the entire system is set with the correct chemical concentrations and the wash cycle is run for sufficient time.

  • Cycle time usually includes some safety margin to ensure complete cleaning.
  • Because cycle time is likely longer than necessary, more energy is used to pump and heat the fluids and more resources (cleaning agents, water, etc.) is used throughout the cycle.

Improve process performance with flexible measurement points.

Offset the labour expense of adding more points to your system by adding cost effective instruments from ifm. More measurement points increases your ability to segment and refine the control of your process. These additional points provide you with the information to reduce cycle time, usage of water / chemicals, and decrease energy consumption.

Compact, high-quality sensor design prevents failures and unplanned downtime.

The LDL family reduces failures by providing an all-in-one transmitter rated IP68/IP69K. It consists of a one-piece stainless steel housing, machined PEEK measuring tip with no terminal chambers or cable cord grips that are often a point of water ingress for sensors installed in washdown environments.

Simplify your installation and commissioning processes with compact plug and play sensors.

Many conductivity sensors on the market are big and bulky or probes with separate evaluation units that requiring matching and calibration in the field. The compact size of the LDL series allows it to fit easily on small systems/skids and reduces mechanical stress on your piping system. The standard 4-pin M12 electrical connector eliminates the need to wire terminal chambers, and since the LDL is an all-in-one transmitter, no field calibration is required – it is virtually a plug-and-play device.

Factory Calibration Certificates can be downloaded at no cost from our website with the sensor serial number.