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io-key – A new Dimension of Business

Cloud connection via mobile network for IO-Link sensor data

  • Pre-configured, no SIM card required
  • Web-based dashboard for visualisation and analysis of cloud data
  • Email or text message when limit values are exceeded

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • IO-Link sensor data is sent directly via mobile network to the cloud
  • Two IO-Link sensors can be connected

Cloud connection for all IO-Link sensors
The IoT gateway recognises up to two connected IO-Link sensors and sends their process values automatically via GSM mobile network to the cloud where the data is stored. The user can visualise and analyse the data via a web-based dashboard.

Alarms are sent as a text message or email
A few mouse clicks suffice to set limit values in the dashboard, so that the plant operator will be warned by email or text message when values are exceeded or not reached.

The data from all sensors can be summarised and exported automatically as a report at any time.

From sensor to IoT
Sensor information can be collected directly and sent to the cloud without requiring any connection to a controller, PC or company network. Apart from voltage supply and GSM network availability, the gateway requires no infrastructure. As all ifm products, it is a sturdy unit and has a high protection rating of IP 65. Hence, it can be used in harsh industrial environments.

Application examples
The gateway is suited for all applications that do not primarily require permanent transmission of measured values in real-time. The gateway can even be used to monitor and evaluate remote parts of the plant that are not connected to the company infrastructure.

For example:

  • Tank monitoring using a capacitive continuous level sensor type KQ10xx
  • Measurement of compressed air consumption and leakage monitoring using an compressed air meter type SDxxxx
  • Fan monitoring using a vibration diagnostics sensor type VVBxxx
  • Valve monitoring using a valve sensor type MVQxxx