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  • Pre-configured, no SIM card required
  • Web-based dashboard for visualisation and analysis of cloud data
  • Email or text message when limit values are exceeded
  • IO-Link sensor data is sent directly via mobile network to the cloud
  • Two IO-Link sensors can be connected


Cloud connection for all IO-Link sensors

The io-key recognises up to two connected IO-Link sensors and sends their process values automatically via GSM mobile network to the cloud where the data is stored. The user can visualise and analyse the data via a web-based dashboard.

Sensor information can be collected directly and sent to the cloud without requiring any connection to a controller, PC or company network. Apart from voltage supply and GSM network availability, the io-key requires no infrastructure. ifm offers two versions of the io-key with different radio modules and data tariffs for European and global mobile networks. As all ifm products, the io-key is a sturdy unit and has a high protection rating of IP 65. Hence, it can be used in harsh industrial environments.