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Monitoring and condition-based maintenance of presses

Continuous diagnostics:
Increased press performance.

Early detection:
Reduction of the rejected parts after a tool change. Information about the condition and orientation of the tool, as soon as after the first stroke. Dynamic overloads can be detected at each press stroke. They fatigue the material and lead to cracks in the crown of the press or to plain bearing damage.

Maximum efficiency:
Assistance of the personnel with tool change and quick restart of the production.

ifm application package - press applications
SmartStamp press ram monitoring for presses ≥ 8,000 kN:

  • Support for tool set-up
  • Graphical representation of the moments across the ram travel
  • Representation as a diagram and clear graphics
  • Conclusions to the condition of the guides and tools
  • Storage of the data for the purpose of documentation

Cost reduction
Condition-based maintenance as required instead of fixed service intervals. Replacement of parts can be planned.

Prevention of unplanned downtime
Basic monitoring, vibration diagnostics on rolling element bearings. Early detection of motor damage, dry running or cavitation.

Process optimisation
Data acquisition and analysis. Maintenance when needed.

Implementation independent of your IT department
Application package from the sensor to evaluation and network-based analysis.

From sensor to ERP
Can be extended to other applications and/or ERP systems.