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Webinar: IO-Link Basics –Tips and Tricks of real installations

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Discover the way towards the smart factory

Anyone who works with machines and plans will inevitably come across the notion of "Smart Factory", which refers to the digitisation and networking of industrial production. How does this "intelligent factory" become tangible? How can plant operators gain first experiences? What makes their start easier?

The IO-Link key technology offers completely new options for the user to integrate intelligent sensors and systems into their application. This is why IO-Link is also called the "USB interface of automation": a standardised and field-bus independent interface for automation providing the user with a point-to-point connection without complex addressing. Thus, additional sensor data can for example be used to further optimise processes.

In our IO-Link basics webinar, ifm experts will teach you the ropes of this technology of the future in a comprehensible way: they will give you for example an outline of the IO-Link communication system's design, advise you how to best use sensor information and how to integrate hardware and software components effectively with a view to Industry 4.0.


Rainer Fuchs

Focus: IO-Link

Rainer Fuchs has been with the ifm group since 2012. He programmed and commissioned industrial plants over several years before joining us. Rainer Fuchs is in charge of developing IO-Link from a user's perspective, moreover, he offers IO-Link trainings and provides support on all IO-Link-related questions, including how to integrate this technology in the world of automation.


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