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Innovation on demand: our solutions for the digitalised industry of the future.

ifm Re-Live Talks: experience ifm – wherever and whenever you like

Take a look at our solutions for a digitalised and automated industry of the future. Watch our ifm Re-Live Talks and discover our products for the seamless implementation of the data stream from the sensor to the IT level. Short, concise and informative.

Quality assurance

Highest quality requires precision down to the last detail. But how can this precision be ensured in automated processes? We will talk about this to our experts and present solutions for various applications. And what about manual production steps? Here too we will present simple and reliable solutions.

Food production

Levels, temperature, cleaning – many process steps in the food industry must be monitored continuously to provide for a reliable, high-quality production.We will show you automation solutions which are suitable because they are reliable and ensure high quality. What is more, we will take a look at the data network that must also meet the highest standards.


Evaluating sensor data from the plant on IT level. In a nutshell, this is what is behind the buzzword of digitalisation and all its synonyms. But how do we smooth the path between these two points? With open systems, such as for example IO-Link or crtlX. How do we connect these two worlds? We will talk about this also with representatives from Bosch Rexroth. Another focus: the ifm software moneo and solutions for cloud connection.


Efficient processes require a reliable upstream commodity flow. For this purpose, the current stock in the distribution centre must be recorded permanently and in a transparent way, and the goods must be transported safely from the warehouse to the production site. Our experts will present solutions for automated product tracking and for the safe, reliable control of manned and unmanned intralogistics vehicles.

Our innovations at SPS: we lift the orange cloth

It is back: the excitement, the anticipation, the premiere time! We look forward to finally presenting our innovations and proven automation solutions to you. Let our innovations inspire you!

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