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Ultra-flat backlight for vision sensors

  • Powerful permanent light for contour and position verification
  • Longer life through pulse operation
  • Homogeneous illumination with red or infrared light
  • Space-saving installation – only 9.8 mm overall height
  • Three different illuminated area sizes available
  • Industrially-compatible M12 connector

Perfect illumination

These powerful backlights create homogeneous light, ensuring optimal, shadow-free illumination of the objects to be inspected. The outer contours are strongly highlighted by the background illumination and can be optimally analysed by a vision sensor. The sensor verifies contours and positions rapidly and reliably. The backlight can be operated in permanent or pulsed mode. In addition to many other advantages, this especially results in a longer life of the unit.

Ultra-flat design

Due to its extremely flat design with an overall height of only 9.8 mm, ifm’s new generation of backlights allows for a very space-saving installation. Optional mounting sets ensure quick and easy fastening.


In industrial imaging applications, the use of backlights is essential to ensure fast and reliable object recognition. Especially with flat lighting concepts, creating a homogeneous illuminated area poses a challenge. The new powerful backlights from ifm improve the lighting of application backgrounds. This results in shorter exposure times of industrial cameras and reduces the influence of extraneous light.