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A safe choice: draw-wire mechanisms for encoders

  • Precise position detection including over long distances
  • High operational reliability thanks to robust mechanical construction even under permanent strain
  • Mechanically compatible across manufacturers, for encoders with synchro flange
  • Compact design even with rope spans up to 15 m

Exact positioning including over long distances

Draw-wire mechanisms for encoders are the ideal choice when positions must be accurately determined over straight distances. Examples of use range from short distances, for example with scissor lifts or fork lift trucks, to long distances, such as those covered by trolleys on crane booms or transport systems in high-bay warehouses.

Solid connection, robust against external influences

Advantage of the pulley principle: there is an uninterrupted connection between the encoder and the moving object. Adverse effects on distance detection e.g. caused by dirt with optical distance measurement, are mostly eliminated. The mechanical components are designed for industrial, long-lasting use with up to 1 million pulls.