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Time to be creative!
Minimum requirements, maximum benefit: 24 V and a mobile network – that's all the io-key needs to do its job. If both are available the IoT gateway sends the data directly from IO-Link sensors to the cloud. It does not matter to the io-key if it is in a sea container, in a supply silo in the middle of hectares of arable land or in a remote machine far from existing IT infrastructures.

In other words: With the io-key the IIoT is always there where you need it. This opens up new opportunities in process monitoring – and innovative approaches for increased customer service.

io-key in detail: simple, convenient, powerful

With io-key, you will opt right from the beginning for an easy-to-handle, yet powerful form of process and plant monitoring.

Why io-key?

Higher machine uptime Reduction of operating costs Plug & Play New business model
Machine downtime is avoided by monitoring remote measuring points Operating costs become easily transparent by logging production key performance indicators Easy and intuitive use of data transmission, cloud dashboard and alarm function No infrastructure needed so that new business models can easily be implemented


Monitoring and maintenance of machines and equipment

Predictive Maintenance

  • Early transmission of information about the plant condition
  • Preventive measures can be taken early thanks to a quick flow of information


  • Planning of maintenance measures
  • Higher machine uptime
  • Competitive advantages compared to traditional machines / equipment

Level monitoring & logistics optimisation

Level monitoring

  • Monitoring the level of remote tanks or silos
  • Suppliers can guarantee silos are maintained at the optimum level via an automatic email notification


  • Reliable remote monitoring of the level
  • Process optimisation and cost savings through better planning of maintenance, delivery or disposal
  • No integration into existing IT infrastructure necessary


  • Plant condition can be detected through remote monitoring
  • Automatic email notification in the event of an incident


  • Location-independent monitoring of machines and equipment
  • Fast response in the event of incidents
  • Automatic alarm notification of the emergency service possible

io-key open for success

Mobile network instead of cables
Use is based on a mobile network, thus providing new digital opportunities
Totally autonomous
No other infrastructure needed
Reliable data monitoring from anywhere
Data monitoring from close range or remotely
Flexible use
Suitable for almost every application through the support of over 10,000 IO-Link sensors