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3D sensor for volume control of segmented vessels

Operates independently of soiling, colour and coating, reduces waste and downtime and the parameters are easy to set

  • Reduced waste and downtime
  • Independent of soiling, colour and coating
  • Intuitive teaching and selection of different shapes, sets and formats
  • Easy step-by-step parameter setting
  • Empty state and overfill can be detected separately
  • Quality control independent of extraneous light

Advantages of 3D volume control
The system is used to check the homogeneous filling of containers with viscous media, such as dough or pastes. An example is the detection of double dough. Automated bread production is prone to errors during the simultaneous filling of several baking tins (tin sets). Tins that remain unfilled compromise efficiency. Overfilled tins on the other hand lead to reduced quality and increased soiling of the installation and may even elevate the risk of fire.

Versatile use
The application is an optimum choice for many different manufacturing processes. It can be used in food processing (production of bread, cheese, pasta and meat products), but also for the manufacture of consumer goods based on rubber, creams or waxes. The 3D volume control helps to reduce waste and downtime and to save costs.