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Technical requirements and information – moneo

Application of moneo

The moneo software can be operated on different devices and in a virtual environment. On the one hand, ifm offers the preconfigured moneo appliance (QHA210) hardware or the moneo vAppliance virtual machine (QVA200), on which the moneo software is pre-installed. Furthermore, moneo is available as pure software for installation in a Windows environment.

To use the moneo software modules, the corresponding licenses must be purchased.

The operator models for moneo are offered with different services.


Performance class Article number 1.) Product Infopoints
(Data flow rate (Values/Sec.))
Calculated values
(Calc. Values/ Sec.)
Number of
navigation nodes
Number of
Smart Limits
S QMS001 Windows-Installer2.) 2500 50 3500 5
QHA210 moneo
QVA200 moneo
L QVA200 moneo
5000 100 7000 50

1.) For information on the technical requirements, please click on the number. Under the item technical details, you will find all data displayed.

2.) Number of CPU cores 4, CPU clock [GHz] 2.3, RAM [GB] 8

3.) Number of CPU cores 8, CPU clock [GHz] 3.0, RAM [GB] 32

Please note:

Compatibility of moneo and ifm IO-Link masters

moneo is compatible with all ifm IO-Link masters that communicate via MQTT/JSON. First generation IO-Link masters (firmware version V1.n.n) are not supported, but they can be updated to a newer version with a software update.

The following series are supported:

  • DataLine series firmware version V2.0.n and higher
  • CabinetLine series firmware version V2.0.n and higher
  • StandardLine series firmware version V2.1.n and higher
  • PerformanceLine series firmware version V3.0.n and higher

In the currently described use cases with moneo RTM, the IO-Link masters of the following series have been used

  • AL 13xx (DataLine)
  • AL19xx (CabinetLine)

The communication for moneo RTM and the IO-Link masters must take place via the master's IOT port.

The IO-Link masters of the AL11nn, AL12nn, AL14nn series, which are not equipped with a dedicated IoT port, can also be used for RTM appliations. Since these devices are not optimised for IOT applications, performance limitations may have to be expected.

In addition, it is possible to configure IO-Link devices via moneo configure with the ifm IO-Link masters E30390 and AL1060 which can be connected via the USB port. These masters are not intended for moneo RTM applications.