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Jumper cables

  • Connection technology meets the M12 and M8 standard (EN 61076)
  • Reliable sealing even when mounted without tools
  • Mechanical end stop to protect the O-ring from destruction
  • Nut secured against shock and vibration due to saw tooth contoured vibration protection
  • LEDs clearly visible even under bright lighting

Up to 16 binary sensors with switching output (e.g. inductive, photoelectric or pressure sensors) can be connected to the IO-Link field module.

IO-Link transmits the signals to any desired IO-Link master via one unshielded M12 connection cable. This eliminates the need for complex cable trees or parallel wiring and reduces costs.

IO-Link requires no configuration or addressing. This simplifies the set-up.

The modules can be used in a wide temperature range. Excellent noise immunity and a robust housing qualify for reliable use in harsh industrial environments.